The Ugly Truth

June 18, 2017
By fangirl-starter-pack BRONZE, Gibsonville, North Carolina
fangirl-starter-pack BRONZE, Gibsonville, North Carolina
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She wals by herself,

Down the hallways with her face hidden,

Praying not be noticed,

It would make her whole day better,

But she knows she is not that lucky,

She yearns to be home and close her eyes,

Burried under her blankets,

Her pillows acting as a wall between her and the world,

It is not time for that yet,

Because the day can not be complete without avisit fom them,

Their whispers dig into her mind like knives,

They carefully change small parts of her untill the only thing left is sadness,

Sometimes she wishes that they were people,

If they were people maybe her yelling at them would make them stop,

But there is no escaping the monsters in her head,

The monsters tell?ng her she is not pretty enough,

That her few friends hang out with her because they pity her,

That she is a dissapointment to her parents because she got a C,

They never stop and she always hears them,

She will never be the same.

The author's comments:

This poem is about teen depression and how sometimes the bullies are not real people. I am not suffering with this personally, but one on my friends is. I wrote this with her permission.

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