The Ugly Truth

June 18, 2017

She walks by herself,
Down crowded hallways with her face hidden,
Hoping she won't get noticed,
It would make today better,
But deep down she knows she's not that lucky,
She yearns to be home and close her eyes,
Buried inside her blankets,
But not just yet,
Because the day is not complete without a visit from them,
All she wishes is to shut out their words for just one day,
They always come to ruin her,
To make this day the worst day yet,
Talking about how ugly her clothes are,
One beauty tip after the other,
They nitpick every one of her imperfections,
They have a supernatural power for finding flaws,
She didn't believe them at first,
But after months of judging she saw it,
She saw the ugly and the horrible,
She discovered it had been there all along,
The disgusting hair,
The pudge in her stomach,
The acne,
It was all there,
She had just been blind before,
Now she saw the truth,
The ugly truth.

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