That Old House

June 12, 2017
By ranchingurl GOLD, Dagmar, Montana
ranchingurl GOLD, Dagmar, Montana
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As the wind whistles through 

The cracks of that old house

It gives a shudder

And a groan from the weight it bears

At first glance once would think

Tear it down it's too ugly to stay

Yes, it's true, that house has seen better days

It's heard the laughter of children so small

The sound of weeping from a broken heart

Felt the pitter patter of feet

Running up and down the halls

But most of all

It's withstood the storms of the ages

Stood strong through the earthquake

Never crumbled under the tornado

But atlas, it was the carelessness of people

That finally made it break

It was no longer needed

They had moved on

It's job was over

It's story though written was long forgotten

So with one last wheeze it gave up the ghost

And collapsed in a dusty heap

Only then did they stop to comment

On what a fine house it was

Or say they wished it had been restored

They had lost their chance

Why had they waited so long?

Who knows!

Why do people wait so long to care?

How is it that only after its too late

They realize they could've done more?

Their answer or excuse 

I was just too busy

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