Take it all away

June 1, 2017
By Anonymous

Sometimes I venture,
To an uncharted place.
One that is not seen,
Nor expressed on ones face.

And thoughts in my mind,
That consistently cycle.
The kind that will make,
You feel suicidal.

A darkness that clouds,
Ones vulnerable mind.
Which will send you spiraling,
In an unbearable wind.

But for those that have,
No idea of what is being written.
Will judge and believe that,
Medicine can fix'em.

But you see that only medicine,
That can fix this kind of pain.
Is one that will also,
Take it all away.

The author's comments:

Depression is a serious matter, I've lived with it since I was a kid and many people never understood what was going on inside my head. They believed that putting me on medication could fix the thoughts , when it truly just made it worse. This poem is really just an insight that depression really can make you feel that the only way out is suicide. Sometimes it makes you feel like you don't want to move or eat, you wish to just stay in bed... Sometimes for days hygiene isn't even a thought.

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