My Name, My Savior

May 31, 2017
By Anonymous

My Name, My savior
I am
A survivor
Of rough depression
It tormented me
Like a best friend
For a very long time.
I had no one to guide me
No one to make me feel better
I was lost
I was an accident
I was young & confused
I lied
Cutting made me able to feel again
But over time it got worse
I could hear voices spitting Hate
“Do us all a favor.”
“You’re not good enough.”
“Everyone wishes you were gone.”
Then a single voice whispered
She was my escape
My hope
Because of her, I am alive
I cried with relief
She helped me escape from the dark
I began to believe that life is too short to be sad
Sometimes salvation and Love come from the most unexpected places.

The author's comments:

I wrote this poem for my Creative Writing class. In my opinion, it's my best piece so I decide to try and publish it. I've never sumbited anything for publication before, and I don't expect much. But I'm hoping this'll be a window for me to open and start on my path to publishing more with more confidence.

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