May 23, 2017
By Macy Gurnsey BRONZE, Severance, Colorado
Macy Gurnsey BRONZE, Severance, Colorado
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Broken glass scattered on the floor
A heavy pounding at the door
Screaming erupts from across the room
And in my heart I know it's my doom
I start to run to anywhere but there
But I know she could follow me anywhere
Across the city and into its heart
Maybe here I can make a new start
Too late, not now
I try to disappear into the crowd
Footsteps sound behind
And I picture my demise
I run to the man in blue
And I kneel down at his shoes
I beg him for help
And I cried as I knelt
I reach to show him the bruise on my cheek
But he only thinks that I am weak
She appears from behind
And he makes up his mind
“You're lying,” he says
And I start to fill with dread
“This women could not have hurt you,” he mocks
And quickly my heart starts to drop
No one believes my story
And I start once again
To walk back to my apartment
With my abusive girlfriend
People stare
And I grow weak
How could this happen?
How could this be?
I scream and I shout
But everyone starts to doubt
About what's happening
About where I've been
And my problems will still go unknown
And once again I am alone

The author's comments:

I saw a lot of discrimination against men being beaten, raped, or abused on social media. This poem is my way of fighting back against these stereotypes.

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