Sink or Swim

June 9, 2017

She found herself hopelessly drowning,
Entangled in the waves,
A lost heart, a soulless mind
His attention she desperately craved.
Dipping beneath the sea foam
Her head bobbled up and down,
Vulnerable and all alone
Stranded with a frown.

Without him, she had no one
Sinking all alone
Wanting him to save her
His arms were her first home.
At once he was her life vest
Keeping her afloat,
At her side, he was the best
Guiding their love boat.

Now she drags under the water
His weights tied around her feet,
As though he had forgot her
Her shattered heart won’t beat.
Diving in to save her life
Her heart was still and broken,
He was done with all the strife
Though she still could not be woken.

A tear leaked from his mournful face
He could not stop his crying
Surrounded by an empty space
His love was slowly dying.
Upset, the boy was torn apart
Breaking bit by bit,
He loved the girl with all his heart
But was just too late to say it.

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