Blank Potential

June 9, 2017
By nicolestark SILVER, Wyckoff, New Jersey
nicolestark SILVER, Wyckoff, New Jersey
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One by one, legs are released to support the easel,
Cranks are turned to the right, increasing stability.
Precisely, a stark white canvas is positioned on the ledge.
A cup full of water placed in the vicinity of an overused palette,
With a perfectly creased paper towel as well.
The individual colors of the palette are indistinguishable.
Once water is added, the palette becomes a muddled rainbow,
But nonetheless the artist remembers the original glory of the palette.


With ease and anticipation, a hand gently grasps the paintbrush,
Fingers draped elegantly over the bottom of the tool.
The paintbrush is gently dipped into the cup of water,
Slightly dried on the paper towel, and
Smothered in vibrant color.
With all materials working coherently with each other,
The first stroke is swiped onto the canvas


The simple stroke is absorbed into the canvas.
The bright colors disappear into the white abyss.
With a furrow of the brow,
The paintbrush dives back into the paint.
Another stripe of color crashes with the monster,
Despite the effort, no such luck, the canvas remains blank.


Vision steady on the canvas, the paintbrush is placed down.
Slowly, the canvas turns to black as lids flutter shut.
Dashes and swipes with the paintbrush fill the painters mind.
Thoughts replaced with all colors of the rainbow.
The blank canvas will be defeated and the painting palette victorious.


Eyes jolt open.
Paint is dipped.
Paint to canvas contact.
The sinking feeling in the artist’s stomach is portrayed by the paint sinking right through the canvas, leaving it blank once again.


A completely and utterly empty canvas stares back at the artist.
The fibers forming the canvas remain dry,
As if no paint had been near them before.


The harder I think of how to deposit color onto this menacing canvas,
The farther each color retreats into my mind.


They continue to disappear until I realize my mind is as blank as the canvas.

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