June 9, 2017
By Anonymous

I don’t know you
You don’t know me
So don’t presume to think you do

You can’t see that I’ve been hiding
So deep
So deep that you can’t see—
I can’t see.

Behind each girlish smile is a swear
Behind each giggle, a grimace
Beneath everything is nothing—
Gravedigger to my own emotions.

I tell myself:
“Just keep digging
Dig deep,
Until you reach rock bottom”
Beneath all this confusion is clarity.
My anger will bring me joy.
I know my sorrow will result in prosperity…

But you don’t know
You have no clue
That it is you
Who has caused all of my suffering

With each dig you make,
There’s a piece of my soul you take.
I’m more numb.

You don’t know
Because I never told you
You don’t know
Because you’re too blind to see,
Even with your coca-cola glasses,
You can’t see the pain you’ve caused

Seventeen years
Of non stop tears
Pouring down my face.

At the sound of our name
Tears of loss.
At the sound of your voice,
Tears of pain.

I feel it closing in.
“Just keep digging.
Dig deeper”
I know I’m closing in.

The author's comments:

I was just done holding my emotions in, and it came out as a poem.

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