Perfect Glass

June 8, 2017
By Marahlevick SILVER, St Albans, Vermont
Marahlevick SILVER, St Albans, Vermont
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Favorite Quote:
“If he can't help but degrade other women when they're not looking if toxicity is central to his language he could hold you in his lap and be soft honey that man could feed you sugar and douse you in rose water but that still could not make him sweet” (Rupi Kaur, Milk and Honey).

You look at her

She isn’t the same
the way you used

I wish she was
to look at me

Just like her
Broken glass

Perfect glass

Someone slimmer

Her curves

She was beautiful
Blue eyes not green

Her green eyes, like emeralds
Blonde hair not brown

Her soft brown wavy hair
Short hair not long

Long, long wavy hair
Neat not messy

Perfectly messy

You hope she doesn’t make

I wish she would make
Noises in her sleep

Noises in her sleep
Or randomly fall asleep on you

Or fall asleep on me
Broken glass

Perfect glass

You hope she doesn't wake up

I wish she would wake up
with make up smudged all over her face

With make up smudged all over her face

You hope she doesn’t care as much

I wish she’d care as much
As your old girlfriend

As my true love
The one who should have been there for you

The one that should still be here
As much as she was.

Like she always was
Broken glass

Perfect glass

You hope she's emotionally stable

She was so imaginative
She has small thighs

Her body was a wonderland only for my eyes
And they're scarless.

And her scars, were our secrets to keep
Broken Glass

Perfect glass

The author's comments:

On my bad days I think about myself and I point out the things I do and don't like. I wrote this poem with juxtaposition about how I see myself on my bad days and how maybe I'm not perfect with a response of somebody trying to remember me and being in love with each and every one of my flaws.

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