Broken Mirror

June 8, 2017
By Anonymous

Life is like a broken mirror.
The reflection isn’t the same when broken into
Hundreds of different pieces.

I try to fix it,
But I know it will never be the same.
The damage has already been done.

As I try to put the pieces back together,
The sharp glass cuts my skin.
There is no way to put the mirror back together,
Without feeling any pain.

The broken mirror.
Shattering in front of me.
Falling apart before my eyes.

Yet I still try, try, and try,
To return the pieces to how they once were.

Sometimes I wonder
If it would just be easier to walk away unharmed,
Rather than hurt myself picking up the pieces.

But I still try,
Because I love
How that mirror once looked.

But broken,
The mirror reflects me in three,
Four pieces.
Lacking unity.

Too many scars have been left behind
From the pain of the sharp glass.

Too much damage has been done.
A broken mirror can never be perfect again.

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