June 8, 2017
By OmerAbdel BRONZE, Franklin Lakes, New Jersey
OmerAbdel BRONZE, Franklin Lakes, New Jersey
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The colors of our world remain a mystery.
As each and every one begins to blend,
It seems that the more color there is,
The less color there is.
Why does blue mixed with black,
Create a serene lilac?
Mixing red and green,
Emerges an unappealing scene.
The color brown is all to be seen.
An emergence of a color obscene,
Reminiscent of the contents of a latrine.
The artists mind is filled with dread
When black emerges - dark green and red.
Should such a pairing create this foe?
The dark marauder, this title it holds.
Fortunate for the painter,
But not for the colors to be
Melded in such a putrid way.
Unfortunate black.
The color that lacks the vibrancy,
To be called a color.
And yet it is.
That daughter of red, yellow, and green,
That silencer of day-
The harbinger of dismay-
She weeps for the inability to provide comfort.
Yet we have seen her through and through,
Deliver joy to people like you.
Black with red is the essence of life.
That thick liquid that can be seen with,
A sharp stroke of a knife.
And her pairing with blue,
Makes that lilac for you.

The author's comments:

I just wanted to write about colors so I did.

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