Dear Griever

June 8, 2017
By Chloecarr BRONZE, Natick, Massachusetts
Chloecarr BRONZE, Natick, Massachusetts
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Dear Griever

Now I,
Wouldn’t say I am an expert at a topic
So vast as this
But I think there are some things
One might need to remind them
Or words of comfort
And support

Dear Griever,
You are not alone
You will spend nights up crying
Feeling numb
No, not sad, numb
Scared of everything you feel
The world is heavy on you
You cry oceans upon oceans

Dear Griever,
You need to be kind to yourself
And understand what you have recently endured
You are a powerful being
A being with the ability to heal
Mentally spiritually and emotionally

Dear Griever,
You are strong
To carry the weight of the world on your back
Dear, dear griever
Days will be dark
As will the nights be absolutely endless
But there is always daylight
No matter how dark the night

Dear Griever,
Some days you will have to settle for nothing
Others you will be given but a sliver of hope
Hold it in your cold hands
Let it warm you
Even if it be just for a second
Slowly that light will get warmer and brighter
But, dear griever, this will not come overnight
It will be years before that light grows enough to light the way
You have to wait for it in the dark

Griever, you need to be patient with yourself
You have lost the light dancing in your soul
You lost your hellos and your goodbyes
You lost yourself yourself in every sense
But that does not mean everything is lost
Wait for yourself to rebuild
You will find you are stronger than before

Griever, please seek support from others
Do not let this burden be yours
Take comfort from friends or family
Do not feel shame in this
Let them hold the burden with you
Let the weight lessen off of your tired back

Griever, do not give up
Do not let the anger, depression, or fear stop you
Do not let it win
You have lost someone
You have lost your everything
Yes, but you will not stay lost
You will get on your feet
And when you’re ready,
Dust off your ashes
And follow your light

Griever, things will never go back to normal
Do not force yourself to be the old you
They are gone
No matter how many times you wish them back
Turn your back on the past with your memories held close to you
And step into the light

The author's comments:

Something that really inspired me to write this poem is to write something that speaks to people who have lost a loved one. I lost my father 2 years ago and I never felt represented in anything. I felt alone in school and I felt like no one understood, especially my friends. I looked for movies and songs and such that I could relate to but I never could quite find anything that felt like it was speaking to me. I wrote this poem to give teens especially comfort in knowing that things do get better and explaining my experience with grief. None of my teachers understood my situation and there are very few articles talking about grief in teens and I was writing it for them in the hopes that I can help them feel just a little bit more comfort in there struggle.

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