UNtamed hope

June 8, 2017
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Broken dreams,
And a shattered heart
Yet you smile through the darkness.
Hiding your pain behind a mask.

Yet Your Facade is breaking apart,
And Your turning your back away
To hide the burning pain.
You feel your mask is irreparable

You cry out!
Begging, pleading
"Don't look, I'm ugly inside"
Letting your pain overtake you.

Believing your not worth it,
Allowing others to harm you,
You find your souls chained
Down in the darkness of Society.

Following the trends,
You look at the models,
Believing your not perfect,
You start doubting.

Society's rules say you can't,
Yet rules are meant to be broken.
We were never meant to follow!

As in every person there's a lion hiding,
Hoping to fight back,
Hoping to break out of the chains,
Hoping to throw away their masks!!

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