individual worth

June 7, 2017
By celeste123 BRONZE, Newcastle, California
celeste123 BRONZE, Newcastle, California
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you can sing in silence;
you don't need a brush to paint a picture,
let your actions be the color on the canvas.
your stride, your steps, paint a sunset.
the nature of the things that roll off your tongue will bring forth rolling hills and valleys, in what ever shade necessary,
what you do in your existence on earth determines your countenance from here on and on forth,
it is today that your silhouette rests in front a blank canvas,
your imagination, and mind will be your paint.
as the planet rotates in orbit,
as the ocean's tides sneak in,
time is sneaking up.
no one has the right to disrupt your brilliance,
or belittle your diligence.
in this age of instant gratification and arrogance,
set the pace for a different song.
a resilient soul is orchestral in this modern day.
don't carry the world on your shoulders,
but swim against its tide,
if you strengthen your stride, you'll be alright

The author's comments:

I was inspired by everyone's individual worth, and how everyone's decisions don't only affect them, but others around them as well. I wanted to write something that described to other kids my age, how we can use our creativity and our minds to bring forth amazing things.

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