My Girl

June 7, 2017
By Erin Louie BRONZE, Daly City, California
Erin Louie BRONZE, Daly City, California
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how could my girl leave this earth?
without her mama
to protect her from the monsters
to sing her lullabies   
to love her without limits
what will I do when she's gone?
the monitor beeps become farther apart
her chest still moves but only slightly
dark cancer liquid slowly drips from her body
the moment has come ? she is leaving
there is nothing I can do  
absolutely nothing
except cry and curse God’s name
how could she be going first?
I was always ready
not my girl
just ten years of age
she has a life to live
I lived already
if she dies
I die with her
life is a march to death without her
the next minutes are living hell  
the machines shut down
the motorized humming subsides  
just me and her
well, the corpse of my girl
I hold her limp hands
mine trembling in hers
and whisper “mama loves you”

The author's comments:

Love overpowers loss. The emotions one feels when an loved one is taken away are powerful, surfacing warm memories of the person. This poem explores the depths of a mother's love for her child, as she faces the harsh reality of her daughter's outcome.

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