June 7, 2017
By Saba.AKQ BRONZE, Rawalpindi, Other
Saba.AKQ BRONZE, Rawalpindi, Other
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The quintessence of life in three words:
I sculptured, I worshiped, I broke it.

A storm in my heart roars every night

I feel myself trembling from its fright

I watch the wild beast concealed within me

Smashing its shackles,making its way out

He stands before me

The beast of my desires

That remain unfulfilled unheeded by all

He seizes my arms,jolts me viciously

I can't escape his grasp

Never did I feel so paralysed

I can't feed him anymore

He's dying before my rheumy eyes

He demands life from me

That doesn't seem to exist in myself either

"Oh the beast of my desires!You're unaware

You won't perish alone

I shall accompany you in this tread

You and I are parasites,avaricious beings

Your death shall summon my demise too."

And so he leaves forever

Goes off to lands unknown,kingdoms unnamed

And I stand there still


The author's comments:

For all those who lead lives as mere puppets,overpowered by relations,expectations and restrictions...

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