Live from New York, it's Saturday Night

June 7, 2017
By newyorkny BRONZE, Bronxville, New York
newyorkny BRONZE, Bronxville, New York
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I am an actress for the night
This is not the first night
It is far from the last night
But my show varies
Between showings
The cast is always different
I slip on a new dress
A new ponytail
Slide into a new black car
And the performance begins
Today I stand leaning against a subway door
In black boots and a sleek lace dress
I am unstoppable
Even the men casting me looks across Grand Central
Will not ruin this night
I am glamorous
With a purse that does not belong to me
With hair that does not feel like mine
A killer glare
Which I always carry
These are key parts of the performance
These people are my props
They're here only to highlight me
Soon we will meet my costars
They too are acting
Though it may not always seem so
They are going through their own shows tonight
They too will be reviewed by critics

They too will sell tickets
They too will be exhausted at the end of the night
They will slide off their heels and bow ties
Slip into sheets behind closed doors

The show will end only when the audience has disappeared completely
When he wakes up covered in sweat
Finds long-emptied glasses sitting by the bed
And his jacket lying alone on the floor
That is when his show will end...

We've reached my favorite part
The doors open
A man in a fur coat and a Gucci hat has his eyes on me
A nod of respect
I smile
I respect him too
But it's not him I need to impress
I walk up the stairs
My gait oozes confidence
But I am careful
I watch the hem of my dress
Keep my eyes on the borrowed purse
I climb the last step and a gust of wind approaches
My ponytail flicks across my shoulder with swoosh
I see some looks of surprise
I am ready for the show.

The author's comments:

Living in New York, life always feels magnified. Every time I step up onto a subway platform, or walk into a Starbucks, I feel peoples' eyes on me. The feeling of an audience makes me feel as though I am an actress. Realizing this on one particular Saturday night, riding the 4/5 to meet my friends for a party, I decided to write this poem on the notes app on my phone to commemorate my thoughts.

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