You're Gonna Miss This Place

May 25, 2017
By danny.png BRONZE, OOF, Other
danny.png BRONZE, OOF, Other
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On the last day of school it’s unusually cold.
Cold doesn’t mean much, of course
Simply that it feels like October instead of May
The wind tugs at your skirt as you make your way across school grounds
And you realize you’re gonna miss this place
For all your complaining
For every time you’ve grumbled about unfair grades
For every tear you’ve shed over every test you’ve taken
You’re gonna miss this place
You’re gonna miss the stains on the sidewalk
The sound of hundreds of feet shuffling in between the classes
You’re gonna miss every time you’ve tugged on Julia’s braid
Every time Carlo has stolen your bookmarks
Every time Elliott nods to you in the hall
And you know you’re going to miss it
Well, parts of it
You know you’re going to miss your friends
You just didn’t know you would miss all the other stuff too
There’s too many acquaintances you’ll never talk to again
Too many lockers you haven’t slammed shut
Too many memories stomped into the linoleum floors
You’re gonna miss this place
Every inch of it
Every door and classroom and blade of grass in the courtyard
When again will you tell Steven to f*** off?
Or ignore Vaughn as he calls your name from across the hall?
Or argue with Ari over things that mean nothing?
People say middle school is the worst years of your life
But you had a pretty good time
And damn
You’re gonna miss this place

The author's comments:

It's the last day of school and I'm getting pretty sentimental

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