imperfections can always make perfections

May 25, 2017
By princessmarie331 BRONZE, Ravenna, Ohio
princessmarie331 BRONZE, Ravenna, Ohio
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Nobody’s perfect but you are perfect to me. The way you smile, the way you walk and talk. Everything about you is just so perfect.Baby you light up my life. You make life worth living u make everyday a great day. When i’m with you time seems to stop.
And when i’m alone i would rather be with you. I will always be by your side. No matter what you say or do i will always love you. You light up my life. Your smile is perfect, I love the feeling i get when we kiss. You give me butterflies you give me heartache but overall you give me affection, attention and love and that overrules everything. So I will never leave your side. Because nobody’s perfect but you're  perfect for me.

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