May 25, 2017

And it comes in light and fear
And a darkness to swallow both,
The ominous gonging of rolling drums
Signalling its arrival in the deep of the heavens.
A wind carrying the weight and taste of it
Ripples the hearts of the brave,
Turning trees into writhing, living beasts
That all but pull up their roots and walk.
It comes in danger and roiling approach,
Quaking the skies it tames with its fury
And unbridled tongue,
The beating of shadowed wings
Reverberating through the air
As it swoops in swiftly, unexpectedly, disastrously.
In torrents of light, sound, and rain
It strikes, and none unfortunate enough
To be caught beneath its looming gaze escape,
Their souls captured in the storm after the calm.
It comes in mayhem and devastation
And a chaotic will to match,
Sheer power shattering all sense of strength
That others think they possess;
And above all it comes in the wild beauty
And ferocity of the untamed unknown,
Mirroring those with eyes and hearts
That flash with lightning and beat with thunder,
For in each free spirit, a storm dwells within.

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