Stopping by the dentist on a terrifying afternoon

May 25, 2017

There are many people in the                                                 waiting room But I think I'm the                                               only one regretting going in

When I'm there I feel like I'm
the only person freaking out
and saying I can't do it and
I know I can't

When I walk in the room I hate
the smell in the room and the
tools with the rotting death
smell knowing I'm next 

When I sit there waiting to find
out what is about to happen 
and what the heck they're
going to do they never do tell me
and leave me out in the wind 

When I leave knowing the taste
in my mouth it makes me want
to throw up everything in me

When I'm told I have to go back
to school after the totter I had
to go through I just want to die

When I get home I go to my room
and watch tv to fall asleep then forgot
all about what happened and the pain

The next morning I wake up with the
hope I never have to do that again

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