A Trumptastic Halloween

May 25, 2017
By Anonymous

Halloween, a time for thieves

to break into houses and roll up their sleeves

but they won't break into my house, those crooked thieves


I am Donald Trump, the classiest of ghouls

I have all the money, the riches and jewels

did I mention I'm rich, with $100,000 swimming pools


Those ghosts won't get me, I'll build a wall

It will be a great wall, so, so tall

and I'll make those ghosts buld and pay for it all


Some say I'm racist, a supremicest from the South

but to them I say, "shut your fat Rosie O' Donnell mouth!"

especially you, you're a stupid loser, who looks like an Alf


So I'm the greatest, the greatest one can be

Halloween is the time where everyone can see

all the people who dress like a loser, not a winner like me

The author's comments:

This is the best poem, I have the best poems.

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