Growing older is everything

May 25, 2017
By Kylie_524 BRONZE, York, Pennsylvania
Kylie_524 BRONZE, York, Pennsylvania
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Growing older is part of life
It's the time you're the biggest
Kid in you grade

Growing older is getting that first
Red dot on your face

Growing older is finding
Your first love

Growing older is becoming a
High schooler and showing up to
Subway after school everyday

Growing older is feeling the
wind in Your hair on the highway
with your car

Growing older is taking that diploma
and saying yeah I finished

Growing older is your parents
dropping you off for your
first day of college

Growing older is marrying that
special one that accepted all
your flaws, craziness, and kindness 

Growing older is becoming those
parents you always wanted to be

Growing older is sending your
kids to their first day of school

Growing older is being so proud
of your baby graduating and what
they've accomplished

Growing older is seeing your
first grandchild and babysitting
on the weekends

Growing older is the smell of
the sweet icing on your cake of
your 60th birthday

Growing older is how fast and
how memorable things go
they don't last forever but they
can and do get better

The author's comments:

This is about how life can go step by step and something that can be relatable.

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