Love crush

May 25, 2017
By Kylie_524 BRONZE, York, Pennsylvania
Kylie_524 BRONZE, York, Pennsylvania
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Love can be a beautiful dream
And love can be a ugly nightmare (metaphor)
It’s all up to you

I might not be in love
But I do love and it all
revolves around
that special someone

Like when I see him in
the hallway my face lights
up like a light bulb (blue)
and heat (simile)
bursts off my chest
like an oven then beeps saying
it's time for some guys (blue)

Then when I see him at
lunch I chat and giggle
about anything hoping he'll look
my way and notice me

But there's differences
between us that stops
me in my tracks
I feel like there's a rare possibility
But who really knows

Yeah I like him but like
the saying goes there's
plenty of fish in the sea so
later we'll see the direction
my life will take me in the future
Maybe it will be

So until it happens and
we see it this is what
I leave you with

The author's comments:

I got inspired to write this poem because of this boy but I can really give most of this credit to my English teacher for making our class write these poems. Yes this may have been a class assignment but I really took great pride in writing this. I never thought I would like writing poetry. And I feel good to be able to let others see my work. As you can see this is about a young crush on a boy and how I felt throughout my experience.

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