May 25, 2017
By Enzo19 BRONZE, PALM DESERT, California
Enzo19 BRONZE, PALM DESERT, California
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Emotions something we cannot fathom, a silhouette like a myth or a legend
Like the lockers monster or Bigfoot
Or maby they're physical, not they can't be, maybe you can understand them, maybe you can dream them, maybe you can't imagine them,
Or can you?
See emotions are imaginations each individual emotion something completely unreal,
Sad,angry, shameful, we were not born to feel these
They aren't physical
Yet somehow they are more powerful than any weapon
They hurt  they burn they make you feel ways you couldn't feel they make your stomach churn and yet they aren't physical
Maybe we don't understand them
The way I see it we barely have a grasp on it
We don't know, therapist don't know, he and she don't know, You don't know
And yet we are touched everyday every second
For some unknown reason

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