What is a goodbye and a hello

May 25, 2017
By darwa BRONZE, Palm Desert, California
darwa BRONZE, Palm Desert, California
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Is leaving for work and come back a hello and a goodbye
No is not
When you leave and come back is not a hello or a goodbye
Its i will see you soon and i love you
But what if you say goodbye and you never say hello again
You leave and never come back
you abandoned what you loved the most 
Because you wanted to act like a child not a grown up  

But You never said goodbye to the child you claimed to love
You just left without explaining what was happening
You wanted to play the game instead of being a role model
You left and you left a little girl behind

By leaving that little girls behind
She was lost she didn't know what to do
Her father was her everything, she idolized him
And without him she felt like a bottomless pit

Her father didn't know how bad the women tormented his little girl
And if he did ,he didn't want to deal with it or care
But when he left the women didn't want the little girl anymore
So the little girl had nowhere to go until a woman gave her love

This woman didn't know the little girl at all
But she wasn't going to have a little girl go to a foster home
This woman let her stay with her and her daughter
That's because her daughter was the little girls sister

As the little girl got older she found out the her father
wasn’t the knight in shiny armor she thought he was
she realized that he didn’t care about anyone
but himself

The author's comments:

this is about my father but he is better now so its okay i olny wrote this to let the pain and unnecessary pit in my stomach 

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