To My Stepdad

May 24, 2017
By Anonymous

You tell me I'm worthless
You tell me I'm hated
You don't want to be here
You make me aggravated
You yell at my mom
And bring up my best friend
You hate my whole life
Say I don't fit in
You talk trash on my friends
Tell me I should die
Make me angry
And make me cry
One minute you love me
The next it's a lie
Why do I stay here
You wish I would die
You wish I was better
And I'm not sure why
Because after all you've said and done
I just sit here and cry
I put up with it all
While mom sits and watches
She doesn't want me either
So why even try
You wish it were me
That were in that car that night
So dear Mr. Stepdad
Please stay out of my life
I know that I'm worthless
I know I should die
I get it you hate me
I know it when you make me cry
But I don't need a reminder
That knows still alive
And dear Mr. Stepdad
When I leave
I won't say goodbye
I won't hug you
I won't even lie
I will tell you I hate you
I refuse to cry
Because when I move away
I will finally be free
Free fr the torture
And free from the pain
That you Mr. Stepdad put me through each day

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