May 24, 2017
By Melanie_Krug17 GOLD, Holly Springs, North Carolina
Melanie_Krug17 GOLD, Holly Springs, North Carolina
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Life's for the living so live it, or you're better off dead

One can only dream to live to 100 years old.

Life, in this sense, is similar to a 100 dollar bill.

When you rip a 100 dollar bill, cut it short,

It doesn't just lose a couple dollars in value,

It loses all sense of worth.

Ripping a 100 dollar bill does not rip into two 50 dollar bills,

there are no second chances.

You end up with nothing.




No more days, nothing to look forward to,

It is all over and there is no way for it to be restored.

It is illegal, a felony, to end the life of a bill,

For you have now just taken something is not yours.

It is illegal, a felony, to end the life of another human being,

For you have just taken something that is not yours.

It is not illegal, it is not a felony, to take the life of yourself.

You are taking something, the only thing, that you own completely.

However, similar to things that are illegal, taking your own life has consequences.

Ending your life is like ripping a 100 dollar bill.

You don't just shave off couple of years and keep on going,

You lose all value,

You lose it all.

There is no going back, no restoration.

You can't just glue or tape yourself back together

Because ending the life of yourself is permanent.

It's everlasting.

You may be in control but by doing this you lose all control.

You lose the only thing that you've ever had control over.

Because even though it might feel like you have no control, you just have to live

Live to the fullest potential that you can endure, because someday you will wake up and it will

be Your 100th birthday.

You will live the fullest life that you could have.

It is impossible to predict what will happen between now and your 100th birthday,

But it is possible to wish for the best.

To try,

To push,

To keep on going.

It is not the end until you rip the 100 dollar bill in half.

Sometimes, life repays you for sticking around.

Sometimes, you receive interest.

You get a couple of years that you would not have gotten,

You live past 100.

Although not every year it's a good one,

A happy one,

One that you want to remember,

There are the years help you remember why you keep pushing,

Why it is not worth ripping that 100 dollar bill.

It is up to you, and only you, to decide what to do with this bill that you receive on your birthday.

It’s an all or nothing scenario.

Do you lose it like you lose everything else?

Or do you cherish it,

Keep it protected,

Make sure that no one,

Not even yourself,

Goes anywhere near this bill?

It is the only thing that you have to stay in control.

You must stay in-control.

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