The Boy Who Danced in the Rain

May 24, 2017
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I'm stranded in this miserable storm

Watching the viscous wind tear apart everything that's beautiful Feeling the hard rain on my skin, like sheets of bullets through flesh

And feeling the lighting run through the air, illuminating the scene with an eerie yellow glow

Shivering, like all the meek and helpless leaves in the wind

Until I met the boy who danced in the rain He took me by the hands, and showed me how to move my body to the wind

Swirling me around, with more vigor and grace then any gust

Taught me to move my feet to the beat of the rain beating down unto the fresh earth

The pitter-patters on the roofs and ground turned into music, notes resounding in my head

Thunder was our bass, dancing through it like no other person on this vast earth

It's mighty cracks and booms mingling with light, ringing laughter

The flooded ground was our dance floor, we breathed life into it

Lighting was our light, lighting up this little party, the spotlight of the heavens

We could gaze with curiosity into each others eyes, even if only for a second

In our dance, we contained all the energy of each lighting bolt, releasing it by moving our bodies in rhythm

Pirouette and piqué with flawless dexterity into cold puddles soaking our feet

Yet our bodies and hearts stayed warm and cozy like a glowing fireplace in freezing winter

Through the storm, we danced and danced like those slender branches in a hurricane

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