remember the VHS tape

May 24, 2017
By elluve BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
elluve BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
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If you’d please silence your pagers
and focus your attention to me
for just a few moments.
Thank you.

As an ode to the 90’s kid
The retro, grunge or surfer kids
I ask you to remember the VHS
To everyone and their mother
shedding tears over the divorced princess
To Blockbuster
And RadioShack
And MTV when the M
Stood for music

For the child actors
And presidential sex scandals
For the Late Show with David Letterman
And that collection of Beanie Babies
You just knew would be worth something
Some day.

whatever happened to predictability?


The Olsen Twins are fashion designers now
Teen Mom 2 is on MTV
Nirvana is just a trendy tshirt
And Donald Trump is sitting in the oval office
But if you want still want to remember
the VHS tape
It’ll remember where you stopped watching Home Alone 2: lost in new york in 1994
When Donald Trump
was just a cameo in a joke.

But for the love of god
I ask you
to remember the VHS tape.
Because one day you might find one
in an antique shop
Next to the pager that you
Probably got rid of
Fifteen years ago

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