I Wonder

May 24, 2017
By j.michelina BRONZE, Orangeburg, New York
j.michelina BRONZE, Orangeburg, New York
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I have all these thoughts in my head
That I can’t share with anyone
So they just stay there
Wanting to be said
Like rain in a cloud waiting
To be set free
I wonder if the rain just stops,
Thinks before it jumps
Thinks about the events it's ruining,
But also all the people who love it.
I wonder if it feels bad about itself
Because it's "so predictable"
I wonder

The author's comments:

I wrote this during a time where I couldn't put my thoughts into words. I think this accurately represents the struggles faced by many people regarding expression. I hope by relating it to nature and something that everyone experiences, people will be able to identify with it more. It's also just a vague poem that can be open to interpretation so the reader can connect in any way they deem fit. 

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