Her Last Words

May 24, 2017
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To you, the girl behind the counter… With the silver in her hair,
Keen as arrows, bright as day.

Not found in books, beautiful and exotic.
The world lies in wait.

Bright lights of life
Raise the heat,
One degree at a time
Don’t look now, your halo’s slipping
While you’re wishing for a better life.

Raindrops on your face,
Don’t seem to fade away,

and you plead for a saving grace.

And when it doesn’t happen, a shadow of annoyance drops in.


In the minds eye,
You’re calm and cool,

you hardly cry and aren’t a fool
You kiss the measure, strong and slim
And your confidence radiates from within.

Your heart is gold, and soul is free.
A child’s mind and adults gleam

Always fly, never shy
And life has never passed you by

Flow like water, love the sea.
Oh won’t you please hear my plea?

The world is beautiful, and gorgeous in space
But you know how it can be a disgrace
Throw others down and beat them up
Cut and
Drug and
Break their love.

The world is crazy, good and bad.
You and I both know that.

Put down the razor,
Burn the measure,
Throw away the pills
You are a treasure.

Your heart is fragile but you are strong,
Even when the world seems so wrong
Sleepless nights, lifeless pills,
Appointments and therapy, you know the drill.

I know it hurts,
And you’re so tired;
But why go back a thousand miles?

Just stand still, and take a breath,
And when you’re ready start again.

Your life is precious,
And with all the hate you’ve endured;
You could stop someone else
From their last words.

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