May 24, 2017
By Peach_Storm BRONZE, Keller, Texas
Peach_Storm BRONZE, Keller, Texas
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We all say we want world peace but you can’t have peace without acceptance.
From the beginning of time we’ve been fighting with each other and why, mainly because of religion.
I guess of all the things to fight over this is the best
See faith is essential, for our faith is our hope.
Hope for a better world, good people, justice,
It’s the only thing we really have.
We cling to it so desperately, we seem to let go of each other.
When did we forget that our religion was meant to bring us all together, teach us how to treat people.
That we are each fearfully and wonderfully made, inherently good, beautiful and full of purpose regardless of the tags society uses.
We are this way more because of whose we are than who we are.
The best of religions, beliefs, ideas, are founded on love.
And love teaches that you, precious unique you, as a person are more important than your religion, race, class, or anything else the world lables you.
So how?
How do we remember?
We look.
Not with our hearts where we are flawed, but with our eyes.
Because it's simple,
Look with your eyes and you'll see just what's there.
A human.

The author's comments:

I hope this poem makes you think and realize you are enough. This is a very important message and I pray you don't read through it to flippantly.

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