The Baseball Stud

May 24, 2017
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Being a stud at baseball is hard
Showing off my 6’5 235 pound muscular self.
Instead of people saying they want to “Be Like Mike”
They aspire to be me.
I am often named “The Chosen One”
But not only am I a stud at baseball
I graduated as valedictorian and I also got a 36 on my ACT
so you could say I'm a dual-threat person.
many colleges have constantly contacted me
asking me to play for their team.
But I kindly decline, as I am projected to be a first round pick in the MLB Draft.
I wish I wasn't as cool
as a cucumber
and muscular
and fast
and studley
because those Major League Baseball players fear
what I can became, especially those outfielder
as they don't want me to take their spot.
If I were to go out to eat dinner, then
countless number of fans would be waiting
just to be in my presence.

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