Chaotic intentions

May 24, 2017
By DangerStar BRONZE, Prospect Heights, Illinois
DangerStar BRONZE, Prospect Heights, Illinois
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Chaos sits in the desk impatiently twirling his pencil,
Always reflecting off some devious scheme in his eyes
Always looking for a way to rile someone up.
As his music blares through his headphones.
Distursting all those around him,
His peers glare at him.

He thinks he’s such a rebel
Keeping others at a distance.
With his wild mess of dark hair and tattered clothing,
His appearance only making him more distrusting.
As he rebels and boasts against the mandate
Causing others to stress.

Getting up out his desk,
Wicked smile across his face,
As he snatches up another kids’ paper,
“Hey punk, give that back,”
But Chaos doesn't care, as he discards the paper.
Making the other kid furious with anger.

Chaos is unwanted scum you find on bottom of your shoe,
As he enjoys the misery of others.
From across the classroom the teacher strictly points his hand to the door,
The nasty trickster makes sure to cause a ruckus on his way out the door.
Calling out “Whoops,” as he knocks more things to floor.

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