May 24, 2017
By sarawojnicz BRONZE, Prospect Hts, Illinois
sarawojnicz BRONZE, Prospect Hts, Illinois
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The colorful leaves linger in the trees
They slowly make their way down to the smooth sidewalk
The last few heat waves swing by
To remind us that summer is saying farewell
It's time to go back to school
Kids walk, run, bike
Trying to make it on time
It's finally September

It's the time of year
When teenagers switch the clothes in their closets
From loose summer apparel
To fluffy fall wear
When girls throw away their used flip flops
And bring out those brand new Uggs
When boys put those baggy basketball shorts away
And pull out those jeans mom bought on sale in June
It's finally September
A wardrobe-changing month

It's the freshman girl zipping up her maroon vest
She roams
And learns the halls of her new high school
She can't remember if 231 was on the left wing or the right
But at least she wasn't alone
The halls are filled with frazzled freshman
Pacing bath and forth
The upperclassman get a giggle out of it
It's finally September

Homecoming is on its way
And the freshman struggles to find a dress
Can't be too exposing
But she doesn't want to look like a grandma
It's the time of year when boys ask girls to the dance
And every high schooler spends too much money on one night
But the stress pays off
Because at the end of September
Girls put on their makeup, get their hair done, slip into that dress
And they dance like there is no tomorrow
The boys bond over their dates
And new friendships are made

It's the best time of year
Everything changes
And change is good
It's finally September

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