May 24, 2017
By erinsmetana BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
erinsmetana BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
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Insecure wears baggy sweatshirts,
that cover all that she’s afraid to show, and
Hide the curves and stout looks she hates.
Only to look in the mirror and feel worse.
Because she is too fat
Her legs are too fat
Her arms are too fat
But in reality she’s skinny.

Insecure ponders around the school
Looking at skinny and pretty
as they prance around the halls,
attracting all the attention to themselves.
Hiding behind her books
she can’t wait for the days to be over, and
for summer to come without school.

She reaches her classroom,
It’s presentation day.
People stare
People laugh
People make Insecure feel insecure.
Her voice stutters,
barely pronouncing words loud enough to hear.
Seven minutes later,
her hell is over.

Insecure skirts out of the school
hoping to never return again.
Only to go back home to her quiet home
And have to redo it all again tomorrow.

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