Me and Her

May 24, 2017
By Anonymous

She has secrets
that she shares with her many friends 
She has hair that changes color
like her plastic mood ring she always wears
She has flowered combat boots
covered with elaborate doodles
She has a furrowed brow
with an eyebrow peircing
She dozes off behind her desk
but is never caught

Nobody knows anything about me
because there is nothing to know             
My hair is shaggy
and dirty blonde
I wear muddy converse
not because they are “trendy” but because if
everyone else is wearing them i won't stand out
My eyebrows are unkept
nothing like her friends with perfectly plucked and traced brows
The teachers don't glance over to see if i'm paying attention
i'm too much of a nerd to break the rules anyway

If i could still remember my dreams
have not remembered them since third grade
  When i had a nightmare about a serpent
I would dream of her

But she has a boyfriend
And i’m a hopeless lesbian
with family that takes me to pride parades
to protest their “sin”    

So i’ll watch her sleep in class

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