Racing for the End

May 23, 2017
By Akshay2001 BRONZE, Sunnyvale, California
Akshay2001 BRONZE, Sunnyvale, California
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“Not all, but some
Live a life with true meaning,
Clutching opportunities that come,
Towards success, they’re leaning

Those who sit back and watch,
As geniuses take control,
Lack the will to take it up a notch,
To reach their main goal

We live, we forget,
But those who try are always known,
Some sit on the side and let,
The winners fight for the thrown”

-This is what I hear,
From parents walking by,
But they refuse to adhere,
To limitations, loudly they cry

Their “voices” drowned out,
By the cheers of praise,
And begins the drought,
Of the happiness from old days,

Look at us now,
Victims of aggression,
I am always asked how,
Well let me make a confession

I am the one who sits on the side,
The one once called the best,
I approached my life as one would a high tide,
And never did I rest

They all give three cheers,
To the one that gives their all,
But do not look at life in years,
As you will for sure fall

Take in life without haste,
The challenges, you’ll be able to face,
You’ve only got one life so try to not waste,
There is no finish line, because life is not a race

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