the lion inside me

June 14, 2017
By sitmann BRONZE, Vancouver, Washington
sitmann BRONZE, Vancouver, Washington
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The path is blocked, nowhere to run.
Nothing I say will help. Because I am a kitten:
That is how they see me. On the inside,
I am a lion: and I have courage and strength.
But my insides have mistaken me--

I am no lion, I am a kitten. No--
I am smaller than a kitten. That is,
How they have made. My lion inside--
Has been extinguished. They are my kryptonite:
my weakness, The darkness against my light.

Everyday I walk the halls in fear.
Fear after every time I turn a corner
I would see the stupid grin of those
Who make my life a living hell.
Regardless of who I tell, or what I say:

I fear I will always live in the hell
That they have built for me to wonder.
But the worst part is: no matter where I am,
Or what corner I turn, even if there are no grins.
I will always feel the lion they killed inside me.

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