The One That Never Was

June 14, 2017

If she were to tell me
“Let’s run away”
I would have left everything I knew
and let her lead me astray.

She was the darkness,
my forbidden desire.
She doused my heart with gas
and with her obsidian eyes, she lit the fire.

Everything about her was quick,
the way she talked,
her delicate movements.
She left behind destruction.
Her mind is slightly sick.

She has a way of getting under your skin.
With the bat of her eyes,
a flick of her hair,
you can try to say “no”
but you’ll never win.

Her soft cheek against my burning skin,
I inhaled her sinisterly sweet scent,
with her cold hand in mine.
It’s a moment I always go back to,
It was a moment when things were still fine.
In that brief moment,
my warm body mingling with her frozen flesh,
I thought I had a chance.
We could go on forever,
two opposite but equal forces
in a metamorphosing romance.

I never told her how intensely my heart desired though,
for her tan skin glistening in the sunshine,
her dark hair touching petite shoulders,
her cherry lips turning up into a smile that reaches enticing onyx eyes and continues to grow.
I should’ve told her, but
I was too afraid of getting buried in her elocutionary snow.

Even though she’s moved on to someone new
a piece of my heart will never let go,
my feelings for her will never be through.
Despite this I must desperately plea:
do not take pity on me.
I know she is happy,
it’s everything she deserves.
If you love someone, you must let them be free.

The author's comments:

I was inspired by my creative writing class to try poetry!

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