Game winning Freethrows

June 14, 2017

State Championship on the line

Through the game I was shooting just fine.

When I went to line I took a breath and stood up tall,

The ref passes me the ball.

When I got the ball I yowled,

“You should’ve never fouled.”

I smiled at him and thought the game was over.

In order to win they might just need a clover.

I shoot the ball and wished to go in.

The ball rolled out and must have been taken by the wind.

The next shot was an air ball and I felt really lame.

Coach called a timeout and said we need the ball.


“Steal it on the throw in and we will win it all.”


The center throws the ball in and our player jumps in front.


He throws his little hands up and the ball goes bump.


It’s in the air now and it is right where I can see,


So I jump as high as I can and it lands right on me.


I dribble to the three point line, stopped and popped a shot,


But next thing that I knew it bounced right out.


The teams scrambled for a rebound we’re still tied at seventy-three,


But out of nowhere our team grabs the ball and throws it back out to me.


I try to take the three again and this time it’s a swish.


I never could have done it without our team’s dish!


My coach said I saved the game with my shot.


He jumped up and down and celebrated quite a lot.


We won the Championships,


Just because of my team’s partnership.

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