June 14, 2017
By Yashna BRONZE, New Delhi, Other
Yashna BRONZE, New Delhi, Other
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Together,on one table
But not so together
Stooped forward,
Plugged into a surreal world
Raising our 'D-N-D' signboards high up in the air
Another like
Another comment
#140 characters,some zest of emoticons and
+1 friend request accepted
Whoa! A thousand 'virtual pals' to ostentate
Do you know anyone of them?
Uh..oh sorry!That's a bit..bit hard to elucidate
we are on one table,together.
But, not so together.
I am lost and so are you
deep and deeper than ever
In the recesses of our five inch black HD screens.
With the phones in our pockets getting smart,smarter and smarterer
I somehow see our memories of being together getting faint,fainter and fainterer
Our conversations these days hardly get beyond,"Hey,how do you do" or "I miss you,see you,xoxo"
I fail to remember
The last time we held hands
Or the time you clasped me tight in our arms
Or the time we sat together and actually LOL-ed
Or the time when I said something and you gave your all-approoving nod
Or the time I cooked for you that burnt omelette and you still said,"It is umm...great!"
Maybe because these events have no Facebook updates or no reminders in organisers.
Maybe,because these things have no capture or record or rewind or play or pause button,
Maybe because they
just come and go by.
Hey,anyway,look,I do remember the day you first texted me a "Hi!"
And the day you posted a picture of you eating an apple pie-DORB!
I remember the day I posted a comment and
you were the first one to reply with that long long poetic statement I still don't understand.
I also remember the day you sent me a heart emoji
And I wept over the fact that it was yellow and not red.
I remember the day we became friends on FB
And the day you followed me back on Instagram
And the day we clicked our first restaurant selfie
And the day we changed our relationship status.BAM!
I remember how my wall was stormed with comments
And the day we did that and this and this and that
You know what?
I have been typing this long message for all that long
And for some reason,I find it all so wrong
'Cause,look,we've been sitting on the same table for an hour or more
Without a say it all.

The author's comments:

This is a little social commentary on what havoc social media has wreaked with us.

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