June 14, 2017
By avamarie1432 SILVER, Mishawaka, Indiana
avamarie1432 SILVER, Mishawaka, Indiana
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A blue leather bound journal

Full of pain and heartache,

Of suffering and hurt.

Tucked away in a dresser

Where no one would find it.


A green spiral Biology notebook

Full of diligent notes and annotations

Of mindlessly drawn hearts around

His name.

Tucked under her arm

As he walked her to class.


A yellow moleskin journal

Full of declarations of love for this boy

Full of hope for a happier future with him by her side.

Sitting open on her bed

As she dreamt of

What their future might hold.


She swears to herself 

To never go back 

To that old blue journal

Tucked away at the

Bottom of her dresser drawer.


She promises that with him

She can find happiness in her life

Where she once found 

Such pain and suffering.


But soon, 

The yellow journal

Collects dust on her desk.


She clutches her green Biology notebook

To her chest 

As she walks down the school halls



The blue journal calls to her

From the bottom of the dresser drawer.


As a tear rolls down

Her cheek,

She picks up the

Old blue journal

And writes the words

"He's gone."

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