How You Know You Lost Her

June 13, 2017
By AlleeRProctor PLATINUM, Hedgesville, West Virginia
AlleeRProctor PLATINUM, Hedgesville, West Virginia
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1 She won't look at you and gleam for no reason. She may not look at you at all. And if she does look at you, she will glance away quickly hoping you didn't notice her stare. Hoping you wont notice her tears, or how her eyes don't hold galaxies anymore.

2 If you receive a text from her, it will either be two things. It could be a long, meaningful message about how she is hurting, how she wants you- then she will apologize. She doesn't want to be a burden. If it's not a long message that spills out like poetry, then its short. She doesn't want to message you. She doesn't want to be reminded of her pain. She is trying to forget your phone number.

3 Days will pass without hearing from her. You hear of her. You will hear what she's telling her friends, or you might see her picture on Instagram. She's smiling. Well, "smiling". You know that smile isn't real.

4 You blocked her on all social media because you cant stand looking through her profile and seeing her face. Every time you're on her page, you have remind yourself you cant comment how beautiful she looks in that dress, and you cant message her.

5 It's been about a month. You can't sleep and she isn't there for you to hold. A tear dribbles down your cheek. You hold a pillow that night.

6 Her Rapunzel hair is up to her shoulders. You loved when she had it long. You notice that she's changing.

7 She has started talking to other people. Even though you already moved on as well, you get angry that she's growing.

8 You find out that she's happy. You notice that her smile is real again. You know that she has bloomed and that your thunder couldn't stop her sun from rising.

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