June 13, 2017
By ce.ce BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
ce.ce BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
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Forget me,
Don’t remember,
Don't think anything of me.
It's the best way to get rid of me.

I remember,
That when I told you, your body fell to the ground.
You heaved and cried.

I remember the tears that flowed.
From then you never looked at me the same.
Because I had sinned.

Now all you see,
Are the lines that etch my arms.
The lines that now define who I am.

You scream and shout, yell at me for what I did.
Yet you break down and cry.
Because you knew it was all from you.

Then you forget and live life again.

You don’t know whats its like to be me.
You don’t know whats its like to live my life.

You don't know me.
And yet i’m your child.

You don’t know whats its like to have

Even when I cried for help.
You never looked my way.

Why couldn’t you see the dark circle and tears in my eyes?

Am I not worth it to you?
And you wonder why im like this.

Did it cross your mind?
That even the happiest are the most deadliest?

I bet you found that out.
When you found me laying there.
Unconscious and blue in the face.
With a belly full of pills.
And arms streaked with red.
I bet you cried.
And screamed for mercy.

And yet i'm not sorry.
I have no mercy for you.
Because I screamed for you.
And all you did was brush me away.

So how about,
You forget me.
My face.
My name.
Who I was.

Won’t that be easy.
Because haven't you already done that?

Even when I screamed your name at the gates of hell.

That’s what you do best.
Dont remember me.
Since no one ever did.

I wasn't someone special.
But i'm someone dead.

The author's comments:

I got inspried from listening to two of my favorite artist that have had a powerful impact on my life in the last 3 years, they sing about topics that are meaningful and important. I will say that what I wrote about many people can realate to, including myself.

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