Old Memories

June 13, 2017
By , Jackson, NJ

If my mind was a wall,

It would be covered in pictures of you.

Of the memories I can't bring myself

To take down.

Just like I can't bring myself to

Forget the memories of us,

Of the things we did.

The picture of you smoking hangs in my head.

I can still smell it on your breath.

Just like the pictures on my wall,

They linger,

The smell clings to them,

The old faded red,

The old greys.

I stare at until they blurr together.

I remember those moments frozen in time,

On my wall.

Like I remember the happiness I felt

In my core when I was with you.

Like nothing could've shattered my world.

Those pictures are just reminders 

Of what I felt and who I was,

Who you used to be.

Just like the memories of us,

They are ghosts of who you and me once were.

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