Finding Peace

June 13, 2017
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The sky growls angrily
And makes the world dim
Roaring through the shaky Earth
Casting war below him

The inky waves under the reigning sky collide and crash
Ripping and tearing each other to the very core
The ocean breaks and shreds itself to pieces
Like a country in a civil war

The ocean divides
Splitting its once singular soul
Aiming salty fists at each other
And swallowing one another whole

Destruction comes early
and is greeted with smiles
She watches elements of the same composition
Battling relentlessly for a long while

With a smirk in her black lips
She snickers at the view
The ocean turns red
And the sky does too

The oceans throw each other down
The sky rumbles, lives are at stake
And although in unison the world is stronger
The Earth starts to break

Like crumbs, inhabitants of sky and sea
Start to spread
Seeking asylum elsewhere
Where perhaps they won’t end up dead

Across the angry water
They try to make their way
Memories of violence are cast on them
Shriveled bodies collected and laid 

The land sees the innocent
And hears their crying pleas
She reaches out toward them
As they’re begging on their knees

But Destruction with mischievous eyes
Sees the refugees
And swats the arms reaching down
Letting the tears become one with the sea

As the waves eat each other
And as the sky shakes with doom
The innocent are swallowed
Into a portal of misfortune

All at once the oceans halt
The sky’s anger breaks free
All is left is a dead silence
And the ghosts of empty pleas

The sky adjusts the moon
And casts a sorrow light
At the shore where the waves crash
Lie the remains of a preventable plight

A red shirt, blue pants
And black soggy little shoes
A boy rests his cheek gently
As if hearing the Earth’s muse

As though merely napping
Eyes rested without pain
The foams of the sea caress him
And blankets the rest of his remains

Destruction fades away slowly
The sky makes way for the sun
The oceans puzzle back together
Solemnly looking at the destruction done

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