June 13, 2017
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My friend once said to me
I wonder why people don’t look up. 
She thought it odd.  I can’t say I’d thought it so before. 
But then I’d never noticed.
Never thought to ask

Are they
to see the stars saying
Hello, you know us
to lie curled in a rotting walnut shell like
Thumbelina afloat
on this seam in the crinkly cloak of darkness
in its folds -
But the winking eyes of the sky
They, they see us
there in the gaps, there in the holes, there in the pockets
those eyes see in infrared so
might as well light a fire to warm our
Chilled bones.

Are they afraid to play hide-and-seek
or afraid to be found?
afraid to be

afloat on a boat in a mote
smaller than a walnut shell, vaster than infinity

You know,
I wonder why people don’t look up.

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